Small/Women's: 7-8.5 (There is not a difference in men's or women's.)

Regular: 9-13

XXL: 13.5-15.5

***This material has stretch. If you are in between sizes, I would recommend buying the smaller size in order to have the best fit.***

What are they made of?

The main shell is made of a soft-shell outdoor fabric.

The sole is made of multiple layers. It starts with a soft-shell fleece, followed by a 4-way stretch backing, then a 500 cordura, finishing with a 4-way stretch backing.

Are they cactus proof?

They are not cactus proof. They will prevent punctures from most stickers, goatheads, and other plant materials. The sole is very strong and will knock the edge off of most sharp surfaces.

**Keep in mind these are designed for the final leg of your stalk. Meaning, moving quietly, placing your feet and inching in on your quarry.


Other information:


Keep in mind, these stalkers are not water proof. The material is water resistant.

They do not do well in mud.

They can be used in cold crunchy snow for a short period of time.

These stalkers are not insulated.

They are meant to be worn tight. Make sure you adjust all laces and cinching.

They are designed to be worn over your socks, not over boots.